“All professions are conspiracies against the laity”–

Spoken by the curmudgeon Sir Patrick Cullen in Shaw’s “The Doctor’s Dilemma”, a play that skewers the medical profession in such a way in which sexual attraction, artistic jealousies and pecuniary strategies, defeats and successes all compete against one another whilst the hypocritical doctors deploy their ersatz truth privilege with tragicomic results.

My theater work simultaneously debases this blog’s content from the zenith of Marxian exegesis to the bathos of cultural-marxist scribblings while providing much fodder for the canons of my thought. At the same time the “work” can reach such intensity that it becomes impossible to post anything, let alone read much more than Shavian satires on the train. In other words, more blogging soon to come, but not right now. One of the weaker reasons that incited me to start this site was to make up for the departure of bloggers who inspired me over the past seven years. The worst of these blog-teloi would have to be maudlin GBCWs that embarrassingly contradict the militant revolutionary theorizing of the previous years’ postings. The puree is an amorphous plasm, relentlessly and indeterminately tarrying with the negative.

Socialist. Theater.

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