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An interesting article “Drama for Cannibals” over at The New Inquiry by Malcolm Harris muses on the contemporary practice of presenting/studying/creating Shakespeare plays in prisons in the US. The piece argues against Shakespeare’s supposedly solitary vision of human experience as … Continue reading

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Richard Foreman’s “Old Fashioned Prostitutes” at the Public Theater

Around this time last year I was busy writing my thoughts on a lot of the theater I was attending here in New York City. A post, 21st Century Capitalism on Stage at the Public Theater was an exploration of … Continue reading

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Bangladesh at a Precipice – A tale of two massacres

I attended a talk last Thursday night at CUNY Graduate Center that focused on the Shahbag Movement in Bangladesh, which was a quasi-spontaneous movement of individuals who descended on the Shahbag neighborhood a few months ago in Dhaka in protest … Continue reading

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Article on Jacobin Magazine

My blog thoughts have usually extended (devolved) into magazine-length articles anyway, so I decided to send my thoughts on Les Miserables (both the musical, the film(s), the book) and Victor Hugo to Jacobin Magazine and now it is HERE. An … Continue reading

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Where there is no history (you make history) : Suburban Violence

There’s an interesting piece up on Jacobin today about the recent massacre at the Newtown, CT elementary school. I’m unfamiliar with the author James Livingston’s work (though his blog is usually a good read) and although I have not read … Continue reading

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Peasants vs. Markets

I wrote about Alan Knight’s scholarship here a few days ago and it is so rich a text I know it will be providing me with blog fodder for the next few weeks! His Mexico: The Colonial era also includes … Continue reading

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Alan Knight

“Readers of this blog should be aware that I’ve written about the so-called “Brenner Debate”, which is an interrogation and furthering of the Marxist theory of history and historical change. Beginning a study on the Mexican Revolution of 1910 I … Continue reading

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The Drowned World

Sometimes he wondered what zone of transit he was entering, sure that his own withdrawal was symptomatic not of dormant schizophrenia, but of a careful preparation for a radically new environment with its own internal landscape and logic, where old … Continue reading

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Martha’s Vineyard

Weddings take us to interesting places… Martha’s Vineyard– What images do these two words connote in your mind? Democratic presidents on vacation, summering with their families, daring to wear shorts? — Perhaps you think of Jaws, which takes place on … Continue reading

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Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Carter and the Racial Imagination

The inner poetry of life is the poetry of struggling humanity, the interrelations of people in their struggles. Without this inner poetry there can be no epic composition capable of exciting human interest, capable of intensifying and keeping alive this … Continue reading

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